Terms and Conditions of Network Connections Canada

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Terms and Conditions of Membership and Site Usage

Membership Fees

Payment:  Membership fees shall be charged monthly / yearly at the current rate and by the method indicated in the Application for Membership.

Returned Payments:  Membership fees returned to Network Connections Canada, by the Bank / Financial Institution or Credit Card Company as Non Sufficient Funds / Declined, will be subject to a $25.00 administration charge.  A second attempt to recover Membership Fees plus the administration charge will be made immediately upon notice to Network Connections Canada of the NSF / Decline.  Should the second attempt at recovering Membership Fees be returned as NSF / Declined by the Bank / Financial Institution or Credit Card Company, membership with Network Connections Canada, shall be cancelled immediately and all reference to the Member shall be removed from NetworkConnectionsCanada.ca and admittance to Meetings shall be denied.  Should a Member wish to be re-instated to Network Connections Canada, the member must submit payment by Certified Cheque or Money Order for the Membership amount plus two administration charges of $25.00 each.

Right to Raise Membership Fees:  Network Connections Canada reserves the right to, periodically change the amount of Membership Fees after first giving 60 days notice of such changes to its Members.

Group Membership:  Members agree to provide services to other group members as well as use the services of other group members.
Directory Listings:  Network Connections Canada agrees to place the Memberís Business in the Business Directory(s) in the city where the business is located or where requested by the member.  Directory Listings may contain more than one of each profession.

Featured Business Page:  The Featured Business Page, essentially a full page add, is for Businesses who wish to highlight their business for the period of one week.  This benefit is offered to Members at a discount for the period of one week.  A Member may request that the feature be extended for additional periods of one week each.  A Membersí Business can be featured more than once.

Special Deals:  The Special Deals Page is for Businesses who wish to attract potential clients by offering a Special Deal.  Network Connections Canada agrees to administer and collect payment for Special Deals offered, provide the Business with all the details of the Sales, and issue a cheque to the Business upon conclusion of the Deal.  The Business agrees that a commission on all revenues generated from the Deal, shall be deducted from the payment, to the Business, for the administration of the Deal and collection of payment on the Businessís behalf.  The Business agrees to honor all deals as advertised on the Special Deals Page.

Advertising:  Advertising on the Website is available to Members and Businesses.  Businesses may Advertise on the Home Page of Network Connections Canada, the Home Page of their Province or on any of the City Directories.  Advertisements shall be in accordance with the Site design as determined by Network Connections Canada.

Conditions of Benefits:  Members agree to honestly represent their business when using any of the above benefits.


Network Connections Canada does not guarantee the success of any of its Members or its Membersí Businesses and cannot be held accountable or liable for the lack thereof.  

Network Connections Canada does not endorse or guarantee the results of work performed by it's Business Members. 
Members and Consumers agree that no action, legal or otherwise will be taken against Network Connections Canada, should they be dissatisfied with the results of the Site.
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